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Crisis in Syria:
Make Bread Not War

What's happening in Syria?

The on-going violence in Syria has meant that over 100,000 people and over 4,000 children have lost their lives since the beginning of the conflict. Hospitals have become under-resourced and overstretched, bursting to capacity.

The UN refugee agency says more than two million Syrians were now registered as refugees and a further 4.25 million have been displaced within Syria. Camps have become a breeding ground for preventable diseases with inadequate sanitation in overcrowded shelters. An estimated 6 million people in Syria are in need of food assistance.

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The shocking outcome of conflict in Syria

Our work so far

Thanks to your generosity we’ve been able to save countless lives and improve many others. However, our work is never done, and as the conflict continues, we are continuing our efforts to reach even more people.

Please support the people in Syria and donate now.

  • £25 provides flour for a family for a month
  • £95 can buy a family survival pack
  • £500 provides flour for a whole village
  • £1600 could provide a family of 8-10 people with shelter
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We've been sending thousands of tonnes of flour as part of our Make Bread Not War campaign

Medical Aid

Mohammad Naji Ibrahim Rahma (22) was exposed to shelling, which killed his wife and resulted in his right leg being amputated from below the knee. He is alone in Lebanon. Our work on the ground is helping people like Mohammad.

Since the beginning of the conflict, we have managed to set up emergency field hospitals and mobile medical clinics across the region, as well as supply medical equipment, medicine, clean water and fuel to two large hospitals at the heart of the crisis in Homs, Syria.

We also equipped and ran a hospital in Tripoli, Lebanon for refugees, who fled from Syria, treating over 21,000 patients in the first 3 months.

We sent a convoy of 7 ambulances with medical aid to Syria and equipped a new hospital, established to deal with the casualties of the war, in the north of the country.

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With your help, bakeries have come to life once more and bread is being made 24 hours a day!

Food and Hygiene

Thanks to your continued donations we have managed to supply thousands of families with hygiene kits equipped with basic necessities such as shampoo, toothpaste, women’s sanitary packs and soap, as well as distributing hundreds of winter blankets, mattresses and clothing kits to refugees.

"I don’t know how we would have survived the winter without your help"

Sana Hameed
in Zaatari Camp, Jordan

We have also distributed tens of thousands of food parcels, which include pasta, lentils, oil, sugar, tea and more to those most needy across the country.

Moreover, we have sent millions of kilograms of bread flour to bakeries, which act as a base for people to collect free bread or buy heavily subsided bread thus feeding up to 5 million people.

During Ramadan we like to push our food aid a little further, to feed the fasting, and also last year we managed to supply over 56,000 people with fresh meat for Eid. With your support we can feed even more this year.

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These are the makeshift tents people live in at the refugee camp, you're now helping to change this scene.


"Having a solid roof over our heads has been such a relief after so much hardship"

Abu Kareem

We have built 40 solid housing units to shelter families in the Zaatari refugee camp of Jordan and need your help to build so many more.